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Why you chose NodeJS

Node.js is an excellent server platform for building any type of web application. Due to its efficiency and speed, Node.js has gained immense popularity lately due to its ability to support the efficient development of applications in real time.


It is currently used by some top brands such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter and eBay.


Node.js is one of the easiest programming languages, which encourages fast and fast development with the code reuse feature.


Node.js uses a non-blocking, event-based I / O model, perfect for real-time, data-intensive applications running on distributed devices.


Build your mobile and web applications with Node.js

It’s blazing fast

Node is powered by Google’s V8 JS engine which enforces runtime speed. That means faster application development and awesome scalability



It’s JavaScript

Your team will use JavaScript for both frontend and backend development. This will enhance internal communication and understanding of your product as a whole.





It’s event-driven

Building a real-time streaming video or any collaborative app? Node.js is the best solution for heavy I/O operations, data flow, and multiple connection requests.



It’s lightweight

It is one of the most efficient server-side frameworks out there. With Node.js, your app may load two or three times faster.

Technical Skills of our
NodeJS Developers

At Itqsoft, our Node.js developers have expertise in the following technologies, which are vital to Node.js development.


  • Loopback
  • Sails
  • Express.js
  • Restify
  • Restify


  • Karma
  • Jasmin
  • Mocha
  • ES6(ECMAScript6)


  • MongoDB
  • MariaDB
  • RethinkDB
  • CouchDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL

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